Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ok, I know I am not a good blogger.. I have to find the time to do this blogging thing. Usually when Oaklee is asleep I get time to do what I want. Well I noticed I haven't wrote a blog about Hawaii yet! That was by far the funnest trip I have ever been on. Me my mom, Rusty and Maddie went. We flew out of Idaho Falls airport and I loved that. Thats the way to do it for sure. We had a flight out of SLC to LA then a 5 hour flight to Hawaii. Surprisingly the flight to Hawaii was not bad at all. It all depends on who you are sitting by ha I got lucky and sat next to two younger girls that were nice. We got to Hawaii at 10 PM that night. They are 4 hours behind us, so technically it was 2 in the morning. Didn't even notice how tired I was once I got there. We walked out of the airplane and instantly I thought.. "Wow I feel sticky!". Here in Idaho there isn't too much humidity so I was not use to that. I loved how warm it was even at 10 at night. We rented a Jeep-- That is what Rusty HAD to have. We drove straight to the hotel and of course got lost. Haha you wouldn't think you could get lost on a small island like that but, we found a way to do it. Eventually we got to the hotel and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The entire lobby was open with waterfalls and ponds. We woke up the next day deciding on what we should do first. I of course wanted to go to the beach. I hadn't been to one since I was little. Lucky for me, the hotel was right on the beach. The water was SO beautiful and clear. (You'll see in the pictures) There was a town nearby called Lahaina. I loved it there. We spent a lot of the trip there. It was a small street that went down forever with stores lining the road. It literally was on the beach too. We ate at restaurants there every night. The waves would come in and splash right by your table. Rusty booked us some fun things to do while we were there. We went parasailing the first day. If you know me, you knew how bad I have wanted to go parasailing. I was so excited! It was way less scary then I thought it would be. It was so peaceful. You couldn't feel the wind in your face or for the matter even hear it. You just floated up like you were on a cloud. Really different then you would think it would be. They give you a choice if you want to go half way up or the entire way-- of course we went all the way up. The top hight is 1200 feet! It is so high its crazy. My little sister Maddie did it with me and Rusty and I thought she would be freaking out, but she wasn't one bit. She loved it as much as I did. They slow the boat down and let you float down and touch your feet in the water.. That scared me the most- I was afraid a shark would bite me haha! The next thing Rusty booked for us to do is go Ziplining. If you haven't done this- go! Serious. We drove up to one of the highest hills on the island we were on and it was like a jungle. They have different sizes of the lines. My mom was so scared, it was hilarious. By the end of the last line, she decided she loved it. Rusty really loved it too. The third thing Rusty booked for us was a helicopter ride around a couple islands. I am use to riding in helicopters so it wasn't bad for me, but my mom gets sick easy. She took her medicine and we took off. There is so many waterfalls that you wouldn't know were there. They are so tall I was very surprised. The islands are so beautiful. My favorite part was seeing how clear the water was. The islands are so beautiful. We spent our time at the beaches the rest of the time. We went to a beach that was on the top ten beaches to see. I can see why, this beach was awesome. It had the perfect size of waves. You could walk all the way out till you can't touch and all you would feel is sand. I'm really scared of touching things in water so I was really loving this beach. Everyone there was body boarding, so naturally me and Rusty had to try it. It took a few waves to get the hang of it. I crashed a few times ha ha. Once you get the hang of it, its a blast! There were little kids there spinning on their boards and everything. On the last night there we went to a luau. I had so much fun. They put the flower lae on you and everything. I was amazed how those hula girls could dance. They moved their hips so fast while not moving the top of their bodies. This was the funniest vacation I have ever been on and I hope to go back soon.. REAL soon! :)

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I just decided you need to update your blog more so I can see cute pictures of that little oaklee of yours! Hope you guys are doing great..